Partnering with customers to achieve business/mission goals

Seriously, that’s it

Some core competencies below, but all aimed at a business or mission objective.

  • AWS infrastructure
    • Including restricted and air-gapped regions
    • Automating secure infrastructure
  • DevOps & CI/CD
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Serverless workflows
  • Application development

Other skill sets

  • Not wasting time with useless meetings
  • Honest and real communication
  • Reading error messages carefully
  • Googling the problem before asking others for help
  • Working towards objectives, not ways to bill more hours

Service pricing

  • Individual projects - Value based
    • We deliver on a specific outcome that adds value to your business or mission
    • Get in touch to discuss
  • Cloud fiduciary retainer - $35,000/month
    • Partnership to ensure you’re using AWS effectively
    • Available for specific questions related to AWS infrastructure
    • Support for your Engineering team on best practices, complete with sample code, and educational materials
    • 2 business day turnaround
    • 1 month minimum, cancel any time
      • If it’s not worth it, don’t pay
    • Get in touch to learn more